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Ahirani Language: Chitra Jibhau Sane & Savitabai Sahebraav Malusare

My name is Chitra Sane. I was deprived of education. I was very interested in education. But I could not get an education. One day, someone told me that literacy classes were being run in our village. First of all, I got support from my family and I joined the Ahirani Literacy Campaign. It's been a very good experience for me. It will be very useful for me. I respect the Ahirani Literacy Campaign. I read all the letters in books.

My name is Savitabai. I am happy to start school in the Ahirani language. because I could not read or write. My co-workers told me we could read and write. They told me that I could go and study. So, I decided that what I really needed to do was to learn how to read and write. Today I can read and write well. I thank the teachers and the Ahirani Literacy Campaign.

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