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Ahirani Language: Lilabai Pandit Shinde & Sarita Sane

My name is Lilabai Shinde. I was illiterate and I could not read and write. The Ahirani Literacy Campaign proved to be beneficial for me. I had never held a pen and pencil in my hand before the Ahirani Literacy Campaign. I never went to school. Now I can read and write. And my confidence also increased. I'm so glad that I can read and write. How to read books? How to write a sentence? Almost everything I can do.

My name is Sarita Sane. I liked the teaching method of Ahirani, and it was very easy to learn for me. Someone came and told me that a good and simple method can be learned even in our Ahirani language. So, I attended Ahirani Literacy Classes. I learned a lot.

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