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Lodhi Language: Feedback from Mrs. Shubhadrabai Kothelal

Mrs. Shubhadrabai Kothelal Lilhare is a resident of Sejgaon. This village is 7 km from Gondia city on the Davanewada road. I live in Sejgaon, Post Dongargaon, Dist Gondia. M.H. I am 60 years old and my parents sent me to study in primary when I was 7 years old. But I didn't understand that much. Because of this, I did not study and my whole life was based on incomplete studies.

One day, the teacher told me, if we teach you your village in the Lodhi language this night, will you come for literacy class? Yes, would you reply to me? I kept silent for a while because the Marathi language being difficult creates a lot of problems in reading. He said that he would teach in Lodhi language. I was very happy to hear that when I should go and start studying, because it was very important for me to learn small letters, and when he started classes on the 1st of April, I used to study in that class at night. First of all, he showed the book of Pre-primer and showed many times to practice work in it, but on the first day, it was my introduction and the teacher's introduction and about the book. Then I started getting curious to read. On the same day, I started doing work book practice from a book named Pre Primer. I have got hope that now I will be able to read because the way of teaching and the behavior of the teachers have put an end to the fear inside us.

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