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Dhankavi Language: The Story of Sonya Pavara

We are all illiterate. My name is Sonya Pavara. Before that, I never went to school and never thought I would go to school. But now those who ask you to teach us, we like it because we do not know how to read anything because our parents never sent us to school to study; we have grown up in these mountains while grazing beds and goats since childhood. That's why we don't know how to write. The biggest problem is that we do not have a school near us.

So now we understand a little bit of what you are teaching. Earlier, you guys said that you would teach us. We liked it, and now we will also go to school. Ever since the class has started, it has started making sense to write. Earlier, the alphabet was not understood. But now, slowly, we are writing. We feel great now. After studying for a while, we will not face any problems because we will be able to read.

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