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Literacy classes started among the Sakachep people

Literacy classes among the Sakachep people have begun. These are the first official literacy

classes conducted by Lite Asia!

Sakachep students celebrating their first day of class

In one of the villages, there are 65 students enrolled. This is a momentous occasion for the

Sakachep people. It is the community themselves who are implementing the program using

teaching materials designed specifically for them and by them.

Through this program, many adults and children will be able to learn to read and write their own language for the first time in history! Once literate, they will be able to read material in their own language such as a book of Sakachep folk tales. Those in school will also have a stronger foundation for learning in a second language, since they've already mastered the skill of reading and writing in a language they are familiar with.

This program is in its infancy. As it progresses, more reading materials will become available in the Sakachep language which will help to establish their newly found reading and writing skills.

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